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Concrete Upgrades

Dennis Building Pty Limited provides high quality technical solutions meeting the requirements to the concrete upgrade projects.

Concrete is a widely used building material in all forms of construction. Maintenance is an important aspect to maintain the up-keep of the current form and continue structural interfruty. We provide a wide range if maintenance procedures using high quality products with quality workmanship to prevent and inhibit dsterioration in all concrete construction. We specialise in detecting and repairing spalling concrete which has the potential to affect any building or structure in which concrete has been used such as floor slabs, stairs, walls and etc.

Our concrete sevices include:

  1. Spalling concrete
  2. Replacement of existing defective concrete
  3. Expansion and control joint installation
  4. Crack injection
  5. Scabbling
  6. Demolition

Our team will ensure that all works are performed using the highest of quality materials. All works performed will have quality assurance documentation noting areas of concrete repairs including photo and diagram reference guide for transparent business relation.

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