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Window Upgrades

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Window Upgrades

Dennis Building Pty Limited has aluminium windows manufacturing team. The team has the capacity to pump out complete windows for the whole property in less than a day. Our all of windows come with the compliance stickers to show design performance set by the Australian Standard.

We offer a huge range of aluminium framed window designs that can be tailored and customised to suit your specific requirements. Also we provide glass repair and replacement options to suit any commercial or industrial needs. We can offer many different design options to intergrate with your existing premises or we can design something new to suit your current building project.

We only employ fully qualified and highly skilled tradesmen so you can guarantee the best workmanship.

Our specialities include:

  1. Aluminium Windows and Doors
  2. Security Doors and Grills
  3. Shower Screens
  4. Commercial Frames
  5. Fly Screens
  6. Glass Replacement
Our Specialists are qualified and experienced in undertaking jobs of all kinds in the private or public sector. We work with builders and large companies, while still addressing local housing projects. We are the most accessible and reliable aluminium windows and door providers.

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