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Dennis Building Pty Limited provide recovery and restoration services throughout the housing Sydney NSW and the commercial property owners who have experienced a natural or man-made disasters.

General Damage Restorations

We have the experience to fix any exterior paint damage, siding damage, gutter damage, fence damage, window damage and especially roof damage. We take pride in being locally owned and operated and employing the best contracting and storm damage roofing repair experts to offer.

Disaster Damage Restorations

We can provide you with a fast quote and quick responsive service. We can dispatch a qualified reades professional to your home or building to assess the damage and get the repair work underway. And disaster damage can do a supprising amount of damage in little time and if that damage is not quickly addressed it can cause expensive problems in the future - a damaged roof is sure to leak and also be that much more susceptible.

Fire Safety Upgrades

We have a lot of experience in all aspects of the fire safety upgrades and general contracting work. Also we have an extensive knowledge wirh fire safety upgrades and can offer the replacement of fire doors, installation of fire walls, fire damper replacement units and fire rated windows. We can also project manage or engage other trades such as electrical and fire extinguishers to undertake your requirements with minimal fuss and little interruption to your tenancy.

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