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Tiling Upgrades & Repair

Dennis Building Pty Limited covers all aspects of tiling, from commercial to industrial to residential projects. We have expertise in all facets of floor and wall tiling using quality materials such as Porcelain, Marble, Garnet, Stone, Mosaic, screed, Silicone and many more.

We pride ourselves on our prices being competitive, our service personal and highly professional. We also provide professional consultation on suitable tiling choices and project planning.

Our tiling services include:

  1. Kitchen Splash Back Tiling
  2. Floor & Wall Tiling
  3. Out Door & Indoor Tiling
  4. Bathroom Tiling
  5. Water Proofing
  6. Silicon Sealing
  7. Epoxy Grouting
  8. Mosaic Grouting
  9. Screed

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