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Our Main Service Work

Dennis Building Pty Limited offers a complete building and maintenance services for NSW Housing and Sydney private clients. We has the solution for building and property requirements. With experienced capability to ensure a competent service, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and supply a diverse range of skills and proficient workmanship to guarantee our client absolute satisfaction.

With only licensed tradesmen, we guarantee quality and experienced workmanship. Flexible and knowledgeable, we understand the core base building structures well enough to deliver fast and reliable structural repairs in construction. We offer advice for the best preventative maintenance and are quick to respond for reactive and corrective maintenance.

We understake a wide variety of building and maintenance work - from small, one of residential jobs, to home builds to large commercial or industrial projects. At Dennis Building , We specialize in many different types of building maintenance work, including :

Services we offer:

  1. Building
  2. Renovations
  3. Handyman
  4. Bathroom
  5. Kitchen
  6. Glazing
  7. Joinery
  8. Painting
  9. Flooring
  10. Fireproofing
  11. Tiling and Waterproofing
  12. Roofing
  13. Plumbing Services
  14. Electrical Services
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